Our view

Dependable energy supply, globally competitive, environmental friendly

Process Industry

Our view

Automation and efficiency focused, environmental friendly, proximity to raw material sources


Our view

Reliable transportation and logistics infrastructure, CO2 neutrality, globally competitive and locally attractive

Who we are

evo|mc is a specialized management consulting firm in the energy, industrial and transportation field. Since 10 years we:

  • Advise top executives in leading businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations on strategic topics,
  • Coach senior level executives and project directors on decisive issues in their daily business,
  • Provide the best interim executive and project professional to fill critical vacancies on short notice.

Key Achievements

  • Won large scale projects worth more than 5 billion Euros together with our customers,
  • Drove turnarounds of several three digit million Euro problem projects embedded in our customers’ teams,
  • Guided cutting edge life time extension technology development and implementation for major plant distributed control systems.
  • Developed the first of its kind benchmarking system tailored to optimize metropolitan investment budgets,
  • Advised sourcing and implementation of 35,000 user CRM system,
  • Our energy team members built or supported projects of 13,000 MW power generation capacity through their professional careers,
  • Our transportation experts drafted National Railway Acts as well as the Mass Transit Safety Code for China and advised mass transit development and implementation projections of more than 350 km line length.,

Project Sites and Office Locations



  • Project Site
  • Office

Office Europe and North America
evo mc GmbH, Germany

Office Middle East and Africa
evo mc WLL, Bahrain

Office Asia Pacific
evo mc Ltd.
, Hong Kong

Office Latin America
evo mc Ltd., c/o Infratrans LAC S.A.S., Colombia